Cannabidiol (CBD) vs. THC – The Story

Cannabidiol – also known as CBD – has become very popular in the recent years. Its benefits range from helping with physical pain from injuries and medical treatments as well as helping with psychological pain such as depression and anxiety.

Cannabidiol is, as it name suggests, a form of oil derived from the cannabis plant, particularly from Hemp. It is important to mention right away that Cannabidiol/CBD is commonly extracted from the THC-free Hemp plant and not from the THC-high Marijuana plant. CBD is not psycho-active because it is not THC. While ingesting or smoking THC-based “weed” will get you high, taking CBD will have no psycho-active effect.

Because it is derived from the non-psycho-active Hemp plant, CBD is legal in most countries and can safely be ordered online.

But what are the scientific proven benefits of CBD then? Who is it for? How does it “work”? Where exactly is it legal to buy?

I set up this site to document my research into CBD as I find answers to these questions. Right now, the site is still under construction but make sure to bookmark it now because we’ll be adding articles and blogposts very quickly.

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